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Institute of Housing and Design

Institute of Housing and Design is part of the Faculty of Urban Planning at Stuttgart University. The particular profile of the institute consists in the interdisciplinary co-operation between architects and sociologists.

Housing construction is at present subject to dynamic change. The diversity of lifestyles, household types and housing requirements calls for new, more flexible living arrangements. With the transition to the information society, there are also signs of technical innovations, and also new possibilities of combining housing and work. At the same time, urban, denser living arrangements are becoming more important again. An integral component of designing forms of housing construction that satisfy people’s needs and will still be suitable in future is ensuring that they are sustainable in ecological, energy, social and economic respects. This also includes greater attention to building in the existing housing stock (modernisation, change of use and upgrading, and also qualified downsizing concepts). The focus of teaching and research is on dealing with interdisciplinary questions that will be of importance in future, such as the possibilities of building flexibly, making sparing use of resources, mixed use and meaningful spatial and social densification. The Department of Architecture and Housing Sociology is directed principally towards the question of human needs, the connection between the built environment and social behaviour and the possibilities of user-driven architecture.

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Director: Thomas Jocher/Staff responsible: Erika Mühlthaler, Pia Gerhards, Weeber+Partner/Academic assistants: Dominik Schliesing, Dorothee Baumann; Annabell Wolf, Feng Yang Student assistants: Anne-Marie Mack, Annika Wisotzky, Sarah Hummel, Kira Laage/On-line survey: Weeber+Partner, Institut für Stadtplanung und Sozialforschung (Institute for Urban Planning and Social Research), Stuttgart/Berlin, handled by Simone Bosch-Lewandowski/Academic support: Hans-Otto Kraus, Gerhard Loeschcke, Holger Stolarz, Annette Spellerberg/Academic editing: Thomas Jocher, Tilman Harlander, Erika Mühlthaler/Technical support: BBSR, Bonn, represented by Guido Hagel


“ready” is the result of joint research work by architects and sociologists. The project was subsidised by the “Zukunft Bau—Future Construction” research initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety (BMUB) and the Knauf company.

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